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Do you like this noise
in your ear-holes?


the band

Hex the Elektryk was founded by former Osmosis guitarist Jeff Stevens, along with Jeff Stevens on drums, Jeff Stevens on Bass, and attempted singer Jeff Stevens stepping into the lead vocalist role - for which he apologizes in advance.

Latest News

Check here for the latest news from Hex the Elektryk. All the cool kids are doing it. You wanna be cool don't you?

Hex the Elektryk's first release!

Hex the Elektryk's first single Save Me has been released on all major streaming services! Use any of the links above, or look us up on your favorite streaming app!

The Studio

Hex the Elektryk spares no expense when it comes to studio selection. Boasting a 10 year old Macbook Pro and some bottom of the barrel tracking monitors, Studio Hex was founded in the spring of 2023. Conveniently located in the spare room / office adjacent the bathroom, Studio Hex is as accessible as it can get.

Original Song Released!

"Far too long" is the first original and latest studio release from Hex the Elektryk! Listen on your favorite streaming platform!